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At Handmade, we’ve been connecting the community to Australian small businesses and their Australian handmade products for over a decade.

Committed to delivering the country’s largest curated selection of Australian made products, we support over 500 businesses and their families through our online marketplace nationwide, and at our market events.


Supporting Australian small businesses and communities is what Handmade has done since 2008.

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We carefully curate the businesses who sell through our platform, and each of their products must meet our strict criteria of being Handmade in Australia.

Handmade = of an original design, concept, and product of the seller’s making.
In Australia = Each product is made, developed and produced in Australia from Australian and/or imported ingredients or elements*

*Note: if imported ingredients are used, the product must meet the substantial transformation test.

As certified Retail Supporters of the Australian Made Campaign, all of our sellers must only sell Australian made products. So when you shop with us online or at our markets, you’re supporting designers who make their products right here at home - often working with local suppliers and other local makers in the process. This impacts not just one family or small business, but an entire community.

Check out some of the incredible, Australian made products on offer from our designers:

We make it easy for the community to access a curated collection of quality Australian Handmade Products and the people who create them.

Our Story

In 2008, Handmade Founder Julie Nichols ran the first ever Handmade Market in Canberra with only 35 local designers and producers. From there, Handmade outgrew every venue available, finally finding a home at Exhibition Park in Canberra - the largest indoor venue available in the city.

From there, we set our sights on bringing Handmade to the nation and beyond, launching our online marketplace in June of 2021.

Our Values

Confidence & Authenticity

Confidence & Authenticity

We share an absolute faith in the talents of our sellers and a genuine belief that the authenticity of their products and our people’s experience and approach will lead to success.



Our sellers can rely on us to lead the way in providing customers with regular access to their products. We will be a good example for all stakeholders in our dealings and actions across the market space in Australia.

Effective & Innovative

Effective & Innovative

We effectively provide our sellers with regular opportunities to promote and distribute their products to our community by being innovative in the way we engage with both.



All our decisions are based on providing a sustainable and successful outlet for our sellers to deliver their products to market, ensuring their long-term success and securing the future of our collective business, our people and our planet.

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