At Handmade Online we love connecting our community to Australian small businesses and their Australian handmade products.

Committed to delivering a curated selection of Australian made products, we support many small businesses and their families through our online marketplace nationwide.


Handmade = of an original design, concept, and product of the seller’s making.
In Australia = Each product is made, developed and produced in Australia from Australian and/or imported ingredients or elements*

*Note: if imported ingredients are used, the product must meet the substantial transformation test.

As certified Retail Supporters of the Australian Made Campaign, all of our sellers must only sell Australian made products. So when you shop with us online, you’re supporting designers who make their products right here at home - often working with local suppliers and other local makers in the process. This impacts not just one family or small business, but an entire community.

Check out some of the incredible, Australian made products on offer from our designers:

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