With Arkara, Founder Wendy Green Is Committed To The Experience.

With Arkara, Founder Wendy Green Is Committed To The Experience.

It has become more important than ever – in a year like no other – to enjoy the small moments. Like taking pleasure in a soap that delights the senses or soaking in a luxurious, fragrant bath. Arkara founder, Wendy Green says her vision for the business is to create a beautiful experience every time. Each of her soaps is unique, handcrafted, and hand-poured with the utmost care and attention.


Community, values, transparency, and design are essential to Arkara. They believe that by supporting people and enabling them to enjoy the simple things in life, they can make a difference.

As an accomplished Interior Designer, Wendy adores colour and form and brings her natural aesthetic to Arkara. “Nature never gets it wrong,” she says, and it imbues every collection, from the minimalistic Geo soaps to the feminine Blossoms. A self-confessed perfectionist, Wendy is also personally invested in all her creations. “I look at every soap, every product and I am very proud of what we have made and how beautiful each looks, feels and smells.”


The impact of this year’s global pandemic highlighted the need for Arkara to support fellow Australians, in every way possible. Now more than ever, decisions around materials and sourcing are incredibly important.

They’ve switched from an ethically sourced, organic shea butter from Ghana to an Australian produced and locally sourced macadamia butter for their bath bombs. And Arkara is committed to continuing to source from local businesses and partners Australia wide. This ensures that their work re-invests into communities around the country.



We’ve partnered with Arkara today to share a little more about their background and story, and we can’t wait to shop their range during the Spring Virtual Market on September 26th, 2020! Keep an eye out for more information on their special offer for the day.

You can also see their full product lineup on their Handmade store, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

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