The Art Of Crochet with Homelea Lass

The Art Of Crochet with Homelea Lass

Many of us have been taking up new hobbies recently, and if that’s you – you’ll love Homelea Lass. They’re passionate about helping people learn to crochet, creating contemporary crochet kits for mindful makers. And they’ll be joining us for the next Handmade Virtual Market (July 11 2020, 9am-9pm).

Lynda Rennick from Homelea Lass discovered the healing and relaxing powers of crochet after she was knocked down by chronic fatigue. Crochet helped her to escape to her happy place and rebuild her life. Now, her superpower lies in removing the frustration from crochet and designing stylish crochet patterns and kits that are easy to make.

Each Homelea Lass kit includes 100% Australian grown and processed merino wool which feels soft to the touch, and is beautiful to crochet with. They also come with online access to detailed video tutorials showing how to make your chosen item from start to finish.


Lynda will have a number of great kits to get you started on your crochet journey. And if you’re a more experienced crocheter, they’re a perfect next project.

Learn to make a chunky wool scarf or snood with the Chunky Scarf Crochet Kit – you’ll wear it all winter long, and your family and friends will want one too!

Spread love and happiness with the Chunky Heart Crochet Kit – use them as a trivet for your teapot or coffee mug, decorations for your home, or a thoughtful gift for a friend you can’t visit right now.

Or get cozy with the Warm Heart Blanket Crochet Kit – you’ll improve your crochet skills while crafting your very own Australian merino wool blanket!


Homelea Lass is offering 15% of all crochet kits at the Virtual Market on July 11th 2020, so if you’ve been considering crochet, don’t miss out on an awesome deal. If you’re not sure where to start, Lynda recommends the Chunky Scarf kit, followed by the Chunky Heart, and for more adventurous or experienced souls, the Warm Heart Blanket.


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