Spoil Your Dog With A Healthy, Delicious Treat From Rascals.

Spoil Your Dog With A Healthy, Delicious Treat From Rascals.

Rascals Treats are a local Canberra company, producing a unique range of handmade treats for their canine customers. Their treats are plant-based and made for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds – including those with allergies or underlying conditions.

The folks at Rascals believe in providing the absolute best for your dogs. All of their products are low in fat, and free from grains, nuts and preservatives. And they’re all made with fresh and healthy human-grade ingredients. Rascals treats are full of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. As a dog owner, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re spoiling your dog with a treat that is healthy, ethical, sustainably made, and most importantly – delicious.


After extensive research, testing and design, the Rascals team developed a wide range of delicious and healthy dog treat varieties, as well as a dog food meal booster. The lineup includes:

Pump it Up, made from fresh pumpkins and full of fibre. It’s a gentle treat for sensitive stomachs, and also low in calories for pups of the more rotund variety!

On the Beet, made using fresh beetroot. This treat is full of antioxidants and is excellent for a lustrous coat.

Top Dog Granules, a meal supplement made up of fruits, vegetables, herbs and pulses to give dogs meals a nutritious and tasty boost.

As well as Date Night, a dessert style treat, Bitch Peas made from peas and chickpeas for energetic dogs, and Bark-B-Q Bites made with fresh carrot and capsicum. And you can feel good about your purchase. All Rascals products come in certified home compostable packaging, keeping the impact on the environment low.


Three long time friends with a passion for dogs came together to form Rascals Treats. They’re also passionate about animal welfare, the environment, and sustainability, and made it their mission to develop a product line that aligned with their values.

In addition to the three founders, the Rascals Treats team includes four beloved dogs: Gilbert – German Shepherd cross, Harlow – Labrador cross, Morris – Old English Sheepdog and Ruby – Red Heeler. These dogs are very much a part of the Rascals Treats business. All of the Rascals Treats products are taste-tested by these four dogs to ensure they meet high doggy standards. They take the role very seriously!


We’re so excited to shop with Rascals during our Online Christmas Markets! During Market #1 on November 7th 2020, they’ll be offering 20% off their entire range. Plus, get free shipping (no minimum spend) and a free bag of Bitch Peas (125g) with every order. What a deal!

You can see the full Rascals Treats range on their website, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.


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