Real soap, made the old fashioned way with The Soapstress.

Real soap, made the old fashioned way with The Soapstress.

With roots stretching back through the family tree, The Soapstress is a collection of truly natural skincare products formulated by founder Grace Steven.

The philosophy behind The Soapstress began with Graceʼs grandmothers, Margherita and Grazia. These women lived their entire lives based on the foundation of natural holistic living. In doing so, they ingrained this value in Grace. She recalls:

“One of my earliest memories is watching my grandmother lathering up clothes on a big old washboard using a bar of soap she had handmade. Perhaps thatʼs where my love affair with soap began.”

Together, these women taught Grace the importance of cooking with the freshest ingredients and gardening and growing her own food. But most importantly, they taught her how to harness the power of natural remedies for burns, bumps and beauty.

Years later, Grace began creating products inspired by her grandmothers for her own children; each product would be truly natural without exception.


Conciously Crafted.

The Soapstress is the culmination of all the things Grace lives and loves.

She consciously formulates each product by choosing every ingredient with purpose. The selection begins with organic plant oils, and mindfulness is always given to the impact of an ingredient on the environment. Hand selected scents are added to create subtle yet meaningful moments of indulgence in your everyday.

Each product is made and packaged with attention and style in Orangeville, NSW.

The mission, Grace tells us, is simple:

“Our mission is to educate and energise conscious consumers who will savour our luxury skincare products in their daily wellness rituals. We formulate our line with exceptional, natural ingredients, which we hope will inspire people to live in health and joy – with a softer impact on the planet.”

You can see the full range from The Soapstress on their Handmade store or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.


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