An inside look at unique contemporary jewellery from Frank Ideas

An inside look at unique contemporary jewellery from Frank Ideas

Contemporary jewellery designer and Frank Ideas creator Rowan Shaw has always been creative.

Growing up with an architect father and a crafty mother meant an early and constant supply of creative inspiration. “There was never a shortage of ways to make things. Exploring how to do this thing, or make that thing, was one of the best parts of my childhood,” says Rowan.

This creative foundation has undoubtedly carried through her whole life.

She has always loved the design world. In her early career, Rowan worked in theatre and design, which ultimately influenced her work as a jewellery designer.

While texture and form play a significant role in informing Rowan’s designs, her primary motivator is helping women to look and feel confident and interesting. This is a passion and a mission you can easily sense when you see her creations.


The central belief that drives Frank Ideas is the belief “that you want to be seen as the strong, creatively independent woman that you are."

"The woman who knows she is enough! To do that, you need to stand out,” says Rowan.

She believes that women of “a certain age” are often marginalised, and their wealth of experience and knowledge can be ignored. This can leave them feeling frustrated, vulnerable, even invisible. “I believe that we deserve to be seen and heard,” says Rowan, and that is why she designs pieces that are “slightly outspoken, and always a conversation starter”.


There’s so much to choose from in the Frank Ideas range.

There are textural pieces that tie your look together and increase your confidence. There are bold statement pieces that will make everyone in the room turn to admire you. There are brilliant gift ideas and a lot of treats just for yourself.

The pieces are light and easy to wear. The designs are sculptural, tactile, bold, rebellious and “frankly unpredictable”. There is nothing else quite like a Frank Ideas piece featuring materials like rubber, sterling silver, and even tulle.

Whether you’re into bold colours or matte black, there’s a piece for you. Some intricate details will have people wondering how on earth it was made; others will have them asking enthusiastically, “where did you get THAT?”.

Rowan believes that “when you look confident and interesting, you feel confident and interesting”, and Frank Ideas jewellery gives you that confidence.

Boost your confidence today and shop the Frank Ideas range here.

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