We spoke to Canberra Business News about the Handmade Online Marketplace

We spoke to Canberra Business News about the Handmade Online Marketplace

At Handmade Australia, we’re always striving to get Australian made products and gifts into the spotlight.

Our mission is to support small Australian businesses and help them grow, while educating the general public on the benefits of purchasing Australian made products.

We were thrilled when Canberra Business News contacted us to be featured on their website. We love any opportunity to put Australian small businesses front and centre! At a time when the creative sector is being hit hard, we relished the opportunity to discuss how we are continuing to support designers of Australian made products, and have created opportunities for small businesses to grow, and even thrive in the current climate.

We shared with them how we’ve evolved and are now providing an online marketplace for over 150 designers from around Australia, selling more than 5,000 handmade products and gifts. We also discussed how the marketplace serves as a platform for Australian made businesses to export their unique handmade products across the globe.

Reading the article, what stands out for us is the overall impact we’re having, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Through our work, we’re:

  • Keeping small, Australian businesses afloat during a challenging time.
  • Maintaining a high industry standard, with all products sold on our platform needing to be of a high standard, handmade and Australian made.
  • Providing small business training and resources, helping you to grow your small business.
  • Providing opportunities to expose Australian small businesses to a global audience and opportunities for exporting their products around the world.

Head on over to Canberra Business News to read the full article. And as always, we thank you for your continued support.

Thanks to you, Australia’s best designers creating unique, Australian made products have a place to shine.

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